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Produce Consistent Success By Using An Alter Ego-5 Strategies To Create Your Own

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Break The Negativity Bias To Ease Stress and Elevate Your Mindset


Create FOMO

(Fear of Missing Out)

to Increase Action

The brain is naturally wired to focus on negativity in order to survive, but that kind of stress is no longer required.


Through my signature process, “Vision”, your guests will learn methods to rewire their primal negative thought patterns and create new habits so they can tackle challenges with more confidence and less stress.


My passion is helping women reach their true potential through my three main courses:

Reach out to learn more about these topics, or if you have your own unique topic you'd like me to discuss!

"Lauren's ability to lead with strength and vulnerability spoke volumes to this group of women. She was a great example of what being empowering to others while making sure to check in with yourself truly is."

Jenny Fisher


Creator/Trainer of Get Salty by Jenny Fisher App


Hey, I'm Lauren

Just like my clients, I have experienced struggle, both internally and externally. I now know my internal struggle of doubt and self-sabotage was what was holding me back from the person I wanted to be. 

For a period of time, I thought that my life would always be that way because that was the narrative I was writing for myself. My story is meant to inspire others to the fact that where you are now does not have to be where you’re headed. ​

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