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Hey There

Goal Getter!

Do you have dreams and goals but keep them

on the back burner?

Find yourself thinking about all the possibilities for your life, but you worry about being judged, overanalyze what could go wrong if you do take a risk, struggle with feeling like you're not smart enough, motivated enough, pretty enough, or just plain 


Join My 12-Week Coaching Program

Confidence Assessment

It’s hard to know what’s possible if you’re not quite sure where you currently stand. Yes, you may know that you could use a boost of confidence, but in what area? The confidence level assessment provides an understanding and shines a light on the specific area(s) that can use improvement.  

Six 1:1 Calls

This is where you will feel seen, supported, and be held accountable. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone, so growth can take place, but in a way that feels right to you. This is where you gain a better understanding of who you are and the barriers that are hindering your growth, so you can minimize them as you move forward.

Weekly Check-ins

Life happens in between coaching calls. I will be there to offer guidance when life can be challenging and you’re feeling unmotivated to move the needle forward. With consistent support being such a valuable asset in your growth, you will never have to feel alone. 

Weekly Workshops

Each week you will be given a workshop that will require you to reflect, shift, and strategize through guided prompts. As a go-getter, you know that change occurs when the work happens. 

Access to my Private Group

In the Facebook group, you will be able to connect with women who are just like you. Maybe you don’t have a group of women you can call on, but in this group you do. 


Since hiring Lauren, I have a better handle on my anxiety, and my overall mental health has improved. She's knowledgeable about self-help and she has given me so many tools to apply to my daily life.



One thing that has really stuck with me since working with Lauren is how much I talk negatively to myself. Lauren has helped me remember who I once was before life took over. I am thankful that I met her and chose to have her as a life coach.



Working with Lauren I learned more about myself and what I needed to do to take action on my goals. Sometimes we worry so much about others and we forget to take care of ourselves. It was a great experience working with her.


People are ASTONISHED when I tell them that I suffered from terrible social anxiety, poor body image, and low self-esteem in high school, college, and most of my 20's. How did I go from the girl who felt like she didn’t have a voice to public speaking almost every day?


If you're not ready to commit to the 12-week coaching program, I offer private coaching to women who need a little assistance with stepping into their power and guidance on the next steps to uplevel their lives.

What Your Session Includes:


  • 45 Minute Coaching Call Via Zoom

  • A Confidence Level Assessment so we have a base of where you are at and where you want to be

  • Assistance with choosing the right goal for you 

  • One workshop specific to your area(s) of need, so you can take finally take action

Investment: $97

*Coaching can be given as a gift to a friend or mature daughter.

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